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Vera Ltd., formed in 1990, is a service centre of the Dorogobuzh boiler manufactory. On the basis of the obtained licenses, carries out a full complex of works on construction, installation, major repair, modernization and reconstruction of industrial and heating boiler-houses, heat power stations and district heating systems, including:

  • Development of civil-engineering designs, reconstructions, modernizations, updatings of boiler-houses, heat power stations, boilers, gas-generator plants, gas turbine plants, steam and hot water piping systems;

  • Reconstruction, modernization and major overhaul of steam and hot-water boilers;

  • Brickwork and heat insulation, laying of industrial furnaces, chimneys;

  • Technical diagnosing and expert inspection of boiler units, certification of steam and hot water piping systems, quality surveillance of metal and welded connections by nondestructive methods, inspection of chimneys;

  • Starting-up, adjustment and commissioning tests of steam and water boilers, water treatment, measure instruments, control and protection systems, fully automatic distributed control system etc.;

  • Wiring of illumination, power facilities, the equipment and devices of monitoring and control;

  • Delivery of the basic and accessory equipment, spare parts and materials for repair, stop valves etc.;

  • Delivery of the equipment, spare parts and materials to objects on site;

  • Service of the major units and accessory equipment;

  • Technical diagnosing of industrial chimneys, reconstruction and repair of all kinds of chimneys;

  • High-altitude works with application of industrial alpinism methods, joints hermetic sealing of wall panels, repair and colouring of facades.

Vera Ltd. is equipped with all necessary devices and instruments for high quality manufacturing and service. Devices and the equipment requiring periodic checking in authorities are checked in due time.

The enterprise is staffed with the highly skilled personnel with professional qualifications being proved by certificates of the established forms.

For more than ten years' experience on objects of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, the enterprise has had no complaints.